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Two propositions aim to ease affordable housing problem and are worth supporting

Elections in California, 2018. General election: Nov. 6. Voter registration deadline: oct. 22. early voting: Oct. 8 – Nov. 5. Absentee voting deadline: postmark nov. 6. Online registration: Yes. Same-day registration: Yes. Voter ID: No.

There’s another problem facing this housing, however, beside its supply. While the city has rough ideas of how much exists, it basically has no idea who lives in them, and if the "I think the important point is that new development is not a major cause of the loss of existing affordable housing," he says.

$90 billion in lost home value in Metro Vancouver over the past year: report Properties across Metro Vancouver lost $89.2-billion in homeowner equity over the past year, according to a report released on Tuesday. It showed that Vancouver saw a nearly 13 per cent decrease in equity value, for a total of $43.6-billion. West Vancouver had the highest percentage decrease at 14.7

6) Property handover: Give your home to your kids and pay them rent Keeping your home in the family and out of the taxman’s clutches sounds like an attractive proposition. two years by the time you.

Creating more affordable housing, stopping The City’s gentrification process and supporting San Francisco’s working class are the goals of two competing November ballot measures introduced this week. The Housing Balance Act, supported by five city supervisors, would mandate a minimum.

Being white and reading Ta-Nehisi Coates Ta-Nehisi Coates’s much-discussed new book. (7) Throughout the book, Coates reflects on his own intellectual coming-of-age as a black man in a white supremacist society in order to impart wisdom to.

KEYWORDS Affordable housing Proposition M Proposition P San Francisco. There are two competing propositions on the ballot in San Francisco that both claim to be the solution to the city’s affordable housing problem, according to an article by Emily Green for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Proposition P would change bidding rules for affordable housing projects. While Proposition P aims at the bidding process, Proposition U affects those who would be eligible for affordable housing advocates worry that this shift would incentivize landlords to evict low-income tenants in.

Making affordable housing opportunities more accessible to Los Angeles residents is core to our mission. Click here to learn more about HACLA’s housing program, available sites and how to apply. Click here to learn about Section 8 rental assistance, also known as the Housing Choice Voucher.

We created the Affordable Housing Program. While cleaning up crime, we learned that the slumlords that provide housing to addicts and dealers are an equal part of the crime problem.

Our affordable housing crisis is almost old news. We often hear about the problems getting worse, yet rarely do we hear about solutions being I was honored to spend a moment with Councilmember O’Farrell talking about affordable housing in Los Angeles. Please watch and share this video with.

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