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This house may not have building regulations consent – does it matter?

Or maybe you are seeking approval to operate a business that's not usually. A paint permit is not required for touch ups, but is required for large jobs or. For the purposes of the City's regulations, “Substantial Improvement” is any. For example, a house may have a detached garage or storage shed as.

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If the works have been in place for some time but there is no completion certificate this does not mean the work is not up to standard, but it does mean the correct procedure was not followed. However, the building regulation officer would be unable to grant a certificate in retrospect because they have to inspect from the very beginning.

Therefore, you will not need to involve a Building Control Service.. relevant technical requirements in the Building Regulations and they must not make other. You also need approval if, in altering a house, work is necessary to the drainage.

The framework for the law is set out in the Building Act 1984. This statute allows regulations to be made as and when necessary to update the law and there have been several editions since the Act. It is not uncommon to find that work has been done to properties without building regulations approval having been obtained.

You do not need to apply for approval yourself if the work is not covered by building regulations, or if it’s carried out by someone who’s registered with a competent person scheme.

If I’m buying a house built before the building regs were introduced, no part of it will have building regs approval. If the loft conversion was done in the late 1980s, the building regs were in force (I think they were introduced in 1984) but my uninformed inexpert gut feeling would be that the chance of enforcement action is nil.

Even if the Interactive House says you do not need permission, it is sensible to. You must always check whether Building Regulations Consent is needed.

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