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If you have overseas investments (New Zealand tax residents with overseas interests)

New businesses. Coming from overseas. If you have business skills and want to set up and manage a new or existing business in Australia, take a look at the Business Find out about how foreign residents are taxed when doing business in Australia on the Australian Taxation Office website.

Overseas tax residents with New Zealand interests. The rules are applicable even if you incorporated or purchased these investments before you arrived in New Zealand. New Zealand might impose tax at the time the income is earned offshore and not at the time the income is distributed to.

To be considered a non-resident, a person has to be out of the country for 325 days in a 12 month period, and have their level of connection to New Zealand assessed. This includes whether they kept a permanent place of abode in New Zealand.

NEW – overseas asset reporting (OAR). There is a new requirement for those with assets outside of Japan with a monetary value in excess of 50 million JPY or foreign currency DON’T FORGET: This includes property too, so if you own any property overseas you should consider the market value.

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Just guessing, you figure you can make $2.00 per flat profit on bedding plants and $1.00 per pot on poinset tias. That means you would need to grow 8,000 flats If you have overseas investments (New zealand tax residents with overseas interests) "Sell your home before you leave Australia or after you have returned to keep your principal place of residence CGT exemption."

It’s all part of our commitment to welcoming overseas investment. Guidance on investing in New Zealand. Once you’ve checked that your planned investment is acceptable for visa purposes, check these practical guides to investing in New Zealand.

Buying directly from a home owner is just as easy as buying a house with a real estate agent advising you. Here’s how to buy a home for sale by owner. Thanks for the tips about what responsibilities that a business owner can delegate. I imagine that running a business would be more efficient with some help.

Investing in overseas investment properties is fast becoming a trend among Australians. Anecdotally, more and more Australian investors are turning to property markets in the US, New Zealand and other countries where the real estate markets have been battered by the global financial crisis.

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