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Hondurans in South Florida ‘hopeless’ after Trump administration ends immigration protection TPS

Trump Ends TPS for for Thousands of Hondurans. A man who’s lived in South Florida since he was one year old said he’s scared to return to his home country of Honduras after the Trump administration announced Friday that it was ending special immigration status for Hondurans who.

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The Trump administration has decided to end a temporary program that allows 57,000 Hondurans to live and work in the United States. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke delayed a TPS decision on Hondurans in November after she reportedly felt pressure by White House Chief of Staff.

In the midst of this crisis, the U.S granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to 57,000 Hondurans in Experts and Honduran citizens themselves disagree. The Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc "Its [The Trump Administration’s] action seems to suggest that all of the past Republican and.

The Trump administration has announced the end of temporary protections for thousands of Honduran immigrants. Up to 57,000 people could be forced to leave The Trump administration previously announced plans to cancel TPS for immigrants from Haiti and El Salvador, which they had.

More: Trump administration ends special immigration protections for 57,000 Hondurans. The judge listed off multiple comments and actions by Trump, during his presidential campaign and after moving into the White House, as indications that the TPS termination had a racial component behind it.

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The Trump administration said on Friday it will end temporary protections for immigrants in the United States from Honduras on Jan. After El Salvador, Hondurans are the second largest nationality with TPS to lose their status, which was granted to the country in 1999 following the.

The Trump administration announced Friday that an immigration protection known as Temporary Protected Status (TPS) will expire for Hondurans in January TPS allows eligible Hondurans to live and work in the U.S. without fear of deportation. The federal government has continually renewed the.

The Trump administration has ended Temporary Protection Status for Honduras. A recent decision to end the availability of the TPS for Hondurans by the Trump administration means the Some Hondurans may be eligible for an alternative lawful immigration status or other protections.

Nearly 90,000 Hondurans who have lived in the US at least two decades could be forced to leave the country after the Trump administration decided Friday to end protections for the immigrants that go back to the 1990s.

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