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Are Speculating Land Prices The Cause of Economic Boom/Bust Cycles?

Other pieces of the economy are much bigger, but they don’t change nearly as much from boom to bust. Government spending. Sometimes downturns have other causes, but they only underscore housing’s.

A boom-and-bust population growth cycle is when the population of a species increases rapidly for a period of time and then drops off significantly to where the population is at a minimal level.

Because prices had risen so much they had a long way to fall. The fall in house prices has played a crucial role in knocking consumer spending and consumer confidence. It has directly led to job losses in construction and estate agents. The boom and bust in housing is quite clear and has played a key role in the current bust. Unbalanced Economy A boom and bust suggests an unbalanced economy. In the growth years of 2000-08, there was a strong growth in consumer spending and consumer borrowing.

9. Economic Cycles (Boom-Bust Pendulum) Business cycles are a set of irregular pendular cycles that can be of great interest to foresighted organizations, as they are often short-term enough to impact strategy. They produce irregular swings or "fluctuations" between economic growth and contraction, inflation and deflation, high and low interest rates (access to capital), high and low labor.

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"The Anatomy of a Credit Crisis: The Boom and Bust in Farm Land Prices in the United States in the 1920s," NBER Working Papers 18027, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. rodney ramcharan & Raghuram G. Rajan, 2012.

The disaster of the 1980s, when land mortgages drowned when prices collapsed, must be avoided. Thousands of farmers lost their land, and many more renegotiated loans to save what they could and caused.

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Clock-Maker who went from rags to riches due to the Boom-and-Bust economy Market Economy Economy where prices are determined through supply and demand, not government.

Besides ensuring that people retain the products of their investment/labor, a tax the unimproved value of land can be raised to high heaven with no adverse economic consequences, because the supply of land is fixed ("inelastic") in contrast to apples, property, income, or carbon, which all decrease in quantity when you tax them.

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