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Are Baby Boomers Financial Marketers’ Millennial Secret Weapon?

baby boomers crave respect and acknowledgement from younger workers, and Millennials feel they deserve recognition in the workplace-regardless of their age or level of experience. Beyond that, Millennials and Baby Boomers can complement each other well in a work setting, filling in the gaps to create a diverse and accomplished team.

But aside from the training of current employees in preparation for this event, Domtar has a secret weapon for attracting a new generation of talent – our longstanding leadership in sustainability. From baby boomers to Millennials, Domtar continues to stay relevant through its sustainability goals.

Consumer demands are changing, and millennials and Generation Z want different things than Baby Boomers. As such. insights and responding at the speed of business will be the main weapon in the.

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Social Issues and Transformation. Where Millennials and Boomers truly connect is in their altruism. Yes, both generations are lambasted for being egotistical, hence the titles of the "Me" and "Selfie" generations. That’s more of a myth, though. Our research has shown that Baby Boomers are extremely socially-conscious.

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Baby Boomers, in particular, are boosting their regular income and retirement savings thanks to the gig economy. According to Uber, they make up 24 percent of the ride-sharing giant’s workforce. Baby Boomers looking for supplemental income are often willing to continue working if they’re offered flexible schedules.

One of the central selling points robo advisors made to the VCs who have funded them was millennials’ internet savvy, their DIY attitude, and a toxic mistrust of more traditional wealth advisors and.

Dedicated employees are the secret to delighted customers in the financial services industry. After all, employees who are satisfied with their work and believe in their organization’s mission are more likely to provide a quality experience and seek creative solutions to customers’ problems.

Millennials are more partial to paying with credit, debit or prepaid products rather than cash compared to Gen X and Baby Boomers, and tend to be earlier adopters of digital and mobile banking and payment technology. A financial institution may presume that a campaign encouraging millennials to use a specific card to earn rewards or

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